Creature 1


”Creature 1” has its starting point in transformation and how the transformation of one person transforms the whole situation. It is also an investigation in the feeling of being uncomfortable in the not knowing of what is going to happen, to you or the person in front of you.
The performance starts with a man walking on stage. He is standing and looking at the audience and after a while he is slowly starting to transform into a ghoulish creature. The creature is confronting the audience with its heavy breathing, gurgling noises, crazy laughter and unpredictable movements. During the whole performance the creature goes through different stages of being, all the way from frantically moving around, slowly gazing up on the audience and vigorously humping the floor.

The piece asks questions about, violence, aggression, masculinity, sexuality, suppressed feelings and desires.



13.04.2019 – Reflections, Danseatelier, Copenhagen, Danmark

18.08.2018Are you kid-ing Festival, Lokstallarna, Falun, Sweden

11.11.2017We take no rdsposebilety, Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Danmark

23.09.2017 – PRO intensive, Catania, Italy



Created and performed by: Vincent Jonsson

Advisor: Rebecka Berchtold

Pictures: Annika Widlert


Music in Teaser: Richard Strauss – Also Sprach Zarathustra (With a children orchestra)


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