Circle Solo

Circle Solo

is a piece that deals with dance and choreography in relation to theories of physics and buddhist philosophy. 

The performance it self has a lot of focus on the body in motion and how this is affecting the social and performative situation that we all experience when we take part of a piece of work.

It was a part of Vincent’s graduation project from the dance and choreography program at The Danish National School Of Performing Arts 2017.


8-14.05.2017 – The Danish National School Of Performing Arts, Copenhagen, Danmark

Created and performed by: Vincent Jonsson

Coaching and collaboration:

Cecilie Ullerup-Schmidt
Leila McMillan
Lukas Racky
Michael Breiner
Rebecka Berchtold


Jonas Vadeniuxs


Jeppe Kaas Vad
Rebecka Berchtold


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