Same, same, but different

Same, same, but different

is a work in progress performance that is a collaboration with dancer, performer and artist Lukas Racky.

The performance deals with relation, collaboration, confrontation, and chance procedure. We also explore how to play with different elements like sound, light, costume to challenge the audience’s perception of a performance situation. 
Our physical research is on the one hand about investigating different martial arts techniques, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu, Wing Tsun, Systema, amongst others, and how they can meet with the more harmonious practice of Contact Improvisation on the other hand. Inbetween those extremes, a play arises where you can never be sure if your partner is going to attack or collaborate! This keeps both people alert and ready to deal with any outcome of their interaction.



24.11.2016 – The Danish National School Of Performing Arts, Copenhagen, Danmark


Created and performed by: Lukas Racky and Vincent Jonsson.


Coaching: Matan Levkowich.


Music by: Gregory Porter – Water under bridges.


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