Dealing with…

Dealing with writing.

Things I’m Dealing with at the moment.






I am dyslexic and have a hard time with writing and reeding. Because of this, writing has never been intuitive for me and I have never been confident with it. But now I would like to get a better relation to it. So I desired to create this page where I’m uncensored, unapologetic, unpolished share some stuff I write, to become more confident and calm with letting other people read stuff I write. I hope it will become an ongoing thing. I believe it will be mostly notes about things I am thinking about and dealing with at the moment. I also believe I mostly will write about dance and dance related stuff…

I hope there will be a lot of strange spellings of words, creative formulations, things taken out from its context and I hope I will contradict my self manny times.



Improvisation, not as a way of distancing my self from structure. But improvisation as a tool to connect to the moment and be responsive to it. Choreographed improvisations, creates an agenda and a structure to lean on and work through, by stil be responsive, reactive, adapting and in conversation to the surroundings. That makes it possible for a more plastic/liquid way of interaction that is existing in relation with something els. To create exchange through dance.

Deinstrumentaliceing of dance. By giving dance agency and not get agency through dance. Dance as an companion. To learn, discover and experience through dance, by my self or with others. By practicing or observing dance.

Dance is often practiced as a collective activity and is good at creating collective and embodied knowledge and experiences.

If you open up for conversation through dance. You open up for more possibilities of exchange of experience and knowledge.

Wishes for life:

Endless awareness

Endless refinement

Endless play

Wishes for performing

Awareness and composition

In this case Composition is doing things with what is there and what you are aware of.

How can I make a piece that is composed like a music album. A piece that can have its own way of being and logic based on dance. Where every “song”/part can stand for its own, is full enough to be a single. But together takes you in an experienced journey that can be a template for reflection and discovering.


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